Reviews for "FB crosses the street"


The best FB cartoon to date.

It's kinda boring...


I think you could improve the humor and use a better story, once you have style and do a great work on the violent part.

Awesome movie!

Graphics are great on this cartoon. Fat Badger will be proud. Great job!

wow, caught me off guard

usually, anything with fat badger sucks....and that's as nicely as I can put it. It's usually in a loop doing something that's funny for the first ten seconds, and then it looses it's luster. I actually liked this one. I was expecting the old tired joke that he will get run over or something, but I didn't expect him to get in a fight with an elderly man.....nicely done....4/5

Not half bad, but not half good.

Graphics: Okay, well, they weren't that bad, really. The disappointing thing was that you reused a lot of frames instead of drawing new ones - so the graphics weren't bad, but they were repeated a lot. Laziness.
Style: Not bad? It was funny, I suppose.
Sound: Repeated music, but it was audible without being too loud, and the music choices didn't suck completely.
Violence: For some reason, the short fight scene didn't really strike me as 'violent'. It was amusing, though. Not bad.
Interactivity: What interactivity? XD
Humor: Vaguely amusing, even though I don't know what this is referring to. Might just be that I'm out of the loop.
Overall: Funny, but not as good as it could have been. Your animation's good, but don't be so lazy with frames.

keicho responds:

was done during my spare time. Check my animation halloween critters if you are looking for quality.