Reviews for "Going Home Again"

Wow, awesome!

Hey there!

We are making a game, called Aerocide. It's an online platformer. Can we use this song for one of our maps?

-The Aerocide-team.

ArcticFront responds:

Hey Aerocide. Sure, you can use this song as much as you like as long as I receive some credit. This goes for anyone that would like to use any of my songs for various media projects. All you need to do is ask. And ask you did. Enjoy!

nice sounds like a rave club song

caught my foot tapping haha. U got a great ear for music

Blood Pumping Beat Rocks

Took me on a journey that I'd like to take again...


i love techno and dance music (i love all kind's off music tough) and this song were so awesome i started dancing

This is Great

The samples used and the mixing of this track are great. The over all production is splendid. This is a fun track easy to dance too in almost any form of dance. This is good work Great Job.