Reviews for "Going Home Again"

8,5 out of 10, 5 out of 5

My god this melody is amazing, just a shame, that the mixing/mastering doesn't follow that level. For example the intro - very boring tbh. At 1:06, when u present the loop, it could come in smoother. The beat is very very dry, listen to 2:25, it just doesn't feel right, also because of the lack of fx's and filters. Other than that, work on your beat, you effects and work on making ur sounds get bigger than they are now, because you've got some serious skills - especially in melodies - effort is the road to succes.


ArcticFront responds:

Yea i noticed the strings started ducking in this version. Yea, I'm still a noob at mixing/mastering. Thanks for the constructive criticism however. I'm gonna continue to try to improve the technical side of my music.


i love techno and dance music (i love all kind's off music tough) and this song were so awesome i started dancing

Blood Pumping Beat Rocks

Took me on a journey that I'd like to take again...

nice sounds like a rave club song

caught my foot tapping haha. U got a great ear for music

Amazing tune

I love the softness of the kick and synths, It's really chill and it all sounds sharp together. Nice mastering too, you didn't let anything get overcompressed, sucks when its all scratchy.

If you got time could you check out my newest track, A Safer Place?

Keep up the sick work, man:)