Reviews for "Snow Ball Joe"

well, it was good but i had one problem

you really rushed your way through making the backgrounds, you could have at least smoothed it out,,, it puts a good script to shame when you use bad gfx,,, I noticed you're in the armor games contest, it really needs more work to win,,,, good luck tho, my game will be out soon and it uses a similar script as yours, it's a rock climbing game,,,


This is NOT like "wOne"

Yes, this game is not like "wOne" as the other guy said but that doesn't mean it's a "great game" you might wana improve, sound graphics and then you get a 7 from me...

just a cheap knockoff

this was just a worse looking wone. basically the same idea as wone. the graphics were not that good and it was just not that fun of a game

Pretty amatuer

Hi i'm not gonna be a total douche like the other guy did i just wanted to say this was pretty amatuer the drawings weren't very good and the game idea was old. But i suppose i can't do any better since i haven't got the money for animating atm
Well done i suppose. But hope to see better work from you next time.

it wasnt that good

how did you comw up with the idea i just dont like it much