Reviews for "Snow Ball Joe"


cool game, i liked the concept....
oh, and just in time for the holidays ;p


This was a very good game (better than some ive seen) It was very interactive but it was to easy! you should of thrown something in like items, or a way to defeat enemys other and hopping on them. i didnt get throught the whole game but i would sure like to. i hope you make more, mabey a sequal for next year!

It was good, keep it up!


The game definitely did not bring anything new to the plate but it was a worthy submission. The levels seemed a bit too lazily put together, the enemies you had to jump on were very poorly and again lazily drawn/placed.

The snowball wasnt round dammit. Kept me entertained for a good 5 - 6 minutes.

good stuff..

i like this game. it's not the best one i ever tried to say it that way but it's good that someone makes some real christmas games. i like it. i can waste some time one this one yes :D

Don't heed the numbers

I just randomized- whatever

Anyway, it was pretty smooth, seemed like the framerate was a bit lacking, but I'll blame my cpu and give you the benefit of the doubt. The sloth of movement made jumping a little awkward at times, especially toward the end when you're hopping between pillars.

I like the idea of a cash-card incentive. I'm happy to see someone else is supporting a cherity this winter. To think, good souls in this world?

This is a game I'll come back to play months from now and still enjoy. It's simple, yet not too tiring. thank you.