Reviews for "Snow Ball Joe"

Fine but needs a little fixing.

It's a nice game, nothing new, but nice. I liked how you connected the levels. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this (a.k.a I'm too lazy to read the reviews), but you can still control the snowball after you've entered the building/cannon/thing at the end of the level, and can still die, forcing you to restart the level. You might want to get a little more innovative with the level design as well. It gets rather dull after a not-so-long time. But with a little more work it's a great game.


not bad, but got bored after like 10min

it IS like wOne

i think, but not as good, but still good

Not bad.

Interesting game. Here are a few criticisms:
1) The penguins looked like crap! Better penguins would look good, along with some other objects.
2) Blank background. You could have done something!
3) The game was really slow! Maybe a faster Snowball Joe would work better.
4) The game's scrolling was poorly done. It looked like you wanted us to go the opposite way we're going! (When you were going left, the screen looked to the right, and the reverse.)
5) Spacebar for pause is really annoying. If you changed that to A and jump to Spacebar everything would be better.

I found this to be a pretty good game. It helps that I'm in the mood with the time period. It mostly works because of how simple it is. While it probably could have been more detailed, I still liked it for what it was. It had pretty good music too. I imagine any winter themed game this time of the year will be connected to Christmas some way.

Joe is a pretty cool name. I love those sunglasses. You really don't know what is going to show up next. You probably could have had some better graphics. While not great, still pretty decent.