Reviews for "Snow Ball Joe"

pretty damn good

You should improve the graphics, other than that its a pretty fun game.

Addicting, but needs some finesses.

To put it here; you need designers. you have great potential. contact me via email cuparam@sezampro.yu. I know its almost winter but i hate it therefore i didn't give it max. for style, but keep working. . .. .. ... ... .. ... .... .... . .. . . .. . . . .. . .. . . . .. . .. . . ..

Very Nice

I quite enjoyed that :) Reminded me of Loco Roco Mixed in with a bit of N lol but very nice. Graphics were sound, style was very good, sound was a bit repetitive but it wasn't annoyingly so. Not exactly a violent or funny game so basic scores there and high interactivity because its a game! :D Very seasonal too - Hope a few more come our way, but more innovative ofcourse :P

Great game


heh heh heh

cool game

I like the game you made, the old fashion game with moving the ball around areas, collecting stuff as you go around... Good job

M4y Th3 Ph4z0n B3 In Y0u