Reviews for "Snow Ball Joe"


not bad, but got bored after like 10min

good stuff..

i like this game. it's not the best one i ever tried to say it that way but it's good that someone makes some real christmas games. i like it. i can waste some time one this one yes :D

I like!

It was cool. I like the rough platforms and the music was cool.
Mabye you could of made him roll a little faster, cause when he jumps or bounces off the enemies, it takes him too long to come back to the ground.
other than that, I liked it!

well, it was good but i had one problem

you really rushed your way through making the backgrounds, you could have at least smoothed it out,,, it puts a good script to shame when you use bad gfx,,, I noticed you're in the armor games contest, it really needs more work to win,,,, good luck tho, my game will be out soon and it uses a similar script as yours, it's a rock climbing game,,,


good one

that was a pretty fun and interesting holiday-style game. it had a real interesting and original concept to this one. the snowball character was pretty cool, original too. the gameplay was pretty good to this one too, though in most points it was very simple, but it was still a lot of fun to play.
nice work on this game.