Reviews for "Snow Ball Joe"

This is NOT like "wOne"

Yes, this game is not like "wOne" as the other guy said but that doesn't mean it's a "great game" you might wana improve, sound graphics and then you get a 7 from me...

just a cheap knockoff

this was just a worse looking wone. basically the same idea as wone. the graphics were not that good and it was just not that fun of a game

Don't heed the numbers

I just randomized- whatever

Anyway, it was pretty smooth, seemed like the framerate was a bit lacking, but I'll blame my cpu and give you the benefit of the doubt. The sloth of movement made jumping a little awkward at times, especially toward the end when you're hopping between pillars.

I like the idea of a cash-card incentive. I'm happy to see someone else is supporting a cherity this winter. To think, good souls in this world?

This is a game I'll come back to play months from now and still enjoy. It's simple, yet not too tiring. thank you.

i agree with maffoosparrow

great time waster, very addicting

Loved it

It was great kept me addicted for a few great time waster