Reviews for "Snow Ball Joe"

Pretty amatuer

Hi i'm not gonna be a total douche like the other guy did i just wanted to say this was pretty amatuer the drawings weren't very good and the game idea was old. But i suppose i can't do any better since i haven't got the money for animating atm
Well done i suppose. But hope to see better work from you next time.

oo koool

lol nice game


i liked the round white head with sunglasses a little better back when his name was johnny rocketfingers, but this is still pretty cool. i'm definitely not questioning the originality

Awesome game

It is like w0ne as someone else mentioned. But the game this reminds me of most is Fancy Pants Adventures. Did you use the same engine?

The-EXP responds:

No, but funny you should say that, since i just played FPA again and notice tat we must have got te sound efects from the same royalty free site..either that or they are very similar...

it IS like wOne

i think, but not as good, but still good