Reviews for "Snow Ball Joe"

good game

i thought it was fun, it had good graphics and it was fun till lvl 5 then i started getting bored, ahh well it was still awsome.


This was a very good game (better than some ive seen) It was very interactive but it was to easy! you should of thrown something in like items, or a way to defeat enemys other and hopping on them. i didnt get throught the whole game but i would sure like to. i hope you make more, mabey a sequal for next year!

It was good, keep it up!


it can gget addictive if you play it long enough...but it gets boreing real quick.

Very Nice

I quite enjoyed that :) Reminded me of Loco Roco Mixed in with a bit of N lol but very nice. Graphics were sound, style was very good, sound was a bit repetitive but it wasn't annoyingly so. Not exactly a violent or funny game so basic scores there and high interactivity because its a game! :D Very seasonal too - Hope a few more come our way, but more innovative ofcourse :P

it wasnt that good

how did you comw up with the idea i just dont like it much