Reviews for "Snow Ball Joe"

cool game

I like the game you made, the old fashion game with moving the ball around areas, collecting stuff as you go around... Good job

M4y Th3 Ph4z0n B3 In Y0u

Great game


heh heh heh

very good

this is a very nice game. you obviously worked very hard on it.
the music is really good.
here are my only complains:
1. the main idea isn't that special. there are about a million games exectly like this one. put a little more thought in that.
2. the game should be faster, and also more challanging. I found myself a little bored after a few levels.
3. ok... this is the most important thing: smooth!!!
all the graphics in the game are sharp, there are a lot of corners, the ball itself isn't round enough, and nothing seems alive. everything should be smooth. that's one of flash's greatest qualities.

1. try making the ball talk, annoy the player, mock him even. just so he would seem aware to what's happening, and not just stay the same all the time (and if you do listen to this advice, please don't make the common mistake that most people do, which is to make a few faces, and make them change every once in a while. motion is much better).
2. challange: it's a freaking snowball!! there's a lot to do here!!
he can grow bigger/smaller according to different types of land.
he can melt if he doesn't move around too much.
he can also get sick if he bounces too much, or even fall apart.
he can pretend being a regular pile of snow (which allows you to make "sneak quitely"-levels).

any of these would've made the whole game much more interesting.

I liked it

Maybe next time you could make it so the snowball can roll up curves if it gets enough speed. and the music got a bit annoying. but it was pretty fun though. :)

very nice

i like the music especially

is there a gold statue in the last level?