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Reviews for "J.I.M."

I like your style

Well my friend i must say I like your style.
For some reason it reminded me of a bunch of my other favorite flashes,
Who were the voice actors?

... computer crash.

It was funny, entertaining and... well it wus good but what the fuck happened to my computer after i wathed it!?

Bam! And the guard is gone!

"That's a problem for some household cleaners, but not for Bam!"
"Ahhhh! It burns!" *Thump*
"Bam! And the guard is gone."
"Thanks Barry Scott!"
"...No problem Jim."

Great, and I also tried the first version, and my computer crashed, so I'm really glad that you came out with a new version. Was the new version implanted inside that nuke ingeniously disguised as a tree? Only you know.
The part at the ending was also great. About the afterlives of Jim, the General, and Barry Scott (Kind of).


I didnt know this was your first animation when i saw it like a year or 2 ago good job .


aww a baby seal!!!