Reviews for "Life Under A Rock"

pure awesome :D

it's beautiful and i love how the piano and the beat goes well together.
like the other guy said, this music could use a rap!
but it's 10/10 just the way it is :D
good job!


I can see it playing out like this...

(with no other audio other than what you're listening to)

In the middle of a shootout, the main characters best friend and/or brother falls two feet beside him. The one that shot him was quickly identified and so he runs after him when there's a slight break in fire.

In pursuit, over fences, through houses and across a busy street, he's running for his life, for revenge, with tears running down his cheeks but that doesnt stop him. He finds the man running into a house and follows promptly. In the house, it's gorgeous with marble flooring and the like. He hears voices around the corner and cautiously approaches. Once he turns the corner, there's the man caught unaware, arguing with his wife who wasn't supposed to be home.

There's some crying and shouting, but still a vengeful look. Smoke pours out from the barrel. After the shot is fired, the couple open their eyes fearfully. A child come around the corner behind him, causing him to turn around momentarily. He stuffs his gun in the front of his pants, giving a wicked look and walks back out, patting the kid on the head. It was that day that made him the man he is and the other man will forever think about what it means to take a life.

Beautiful Music! 5/5 10/10

Very nice, very nice

This song is really deep sounding. It's really well done. Unfortunately I have nothing to say to improve the song because it is already amazing and people like you make newgrounds what it is.

Good one

You disbanded your gang.
You stopped harassing at school.
You just wanna stop being a delinquent & live a peaceful life.
But some people just won't let you.
They came to you for trouble.
You beat them all, reluctantly.
The school lost their trust on you.
"Once a delinquent, always a delinquent", they say to you

You lie on your bed, thinking what they say to you.
You think about the countless people you left bleeding
You think this back & forth.
*cues in music*


Freakin nice!

love it :D beat is good, piano's good, could need a rap though :p