Reviews for "-Word Spell-"

Top notch.

I saw this game, in the aphas section, and i was really looking forward to it, and you haven't dissapointed, it was really good, amazing graphics, smooth crisp level design, and the programming is fine.

Overall, really good game, i hope to see more games, from your partnership. And good luck for the future.



This puts the "cation" in education, i like it

About time you start coming out with some flashes

Finally- you've written so many tutorials, and then I check your profile to see the absence of any submissions!

It's a very good game- and would have gotten a much better score if Dobble wasn't coming out at the same time- but it still deserves a good score.

Keep going. Don't stop.

Good Game!

I really like this game. It's different then any other game. It's really fun. (I suck at spelling!)


This flash was simple enough, yet it was still fun. It's hard to go around some of those letters, and it's hard if it hides in the moon. That beign said, this game was pretty interesting. I only got to the 6-letter words before I realized you can acctually lose, I thought you could keep jumpign off to try and grab a letter, but apparently not. You at least have some music in this one two. I didn't care fo rthe random double jumps, but I enjoyed this game.