Reviews for "-Word Spell-"

A badly done Dobble ripoff.

This is exactly liek Dobble, only the animation is worse. There's no death sequence, and you can jump twice in the air for some reason. There's no jumping animation, you simply just hop off the air without moving.
Keep trying, you have potential. But this game is poorly coded and a ripoff of Dobble which was on the frontpage for quite a while.

West-End-Pro responds:

Dobbie this, Dobbie that..This is NOT a rip off of Dobbie..We started making this before dobbie, in the hope that it would be something original, and if you 're going to accuse anyone of ripping anything, accuse noone because we had the idea first, as we started making first, but then the person hu made dobbie had the same idea, without knowing that we were making it.

Onto the game, you're meant to be able to jump twice, which is how i coded it, other wise you wouldn't be able to reach the platforms, n00b.

It seems that all you have to say is "You suck!". It seems that you have no submissions, so you go make something, and then have fun when people accuse you of ripping off other people's work.

Good Game!

I really like this game. It's different then any other game. It's really fun. (I suck at spelling!)

Top notch.

I saw this game, in the aphas section, and i was really looking forward to it, and you haven't dissapointed, it was really good, amazing graphics, smooth crisp level design, and the programming is fine.

Overall, really good game, i hope to see more games, from your partnership. And good luck for the future.



This puts the "cation" in education, i like it