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Reviews for "In My Dreams"


my favorite part was the window.

i have dreams similar to this all the time, this was very well put together

& i love in the ending the tv makes a loud boom but you don't see what happens.

very good!


Really nice.

I seen better graphics, but it really is more the story that matters. Which made this look so good to me. The sound was good but I feel like it could have been better. Overall I give it a 10 still. Keep up the work. :)

To the guy below me...

Dude, I think the whole point of this one is NOT to understand it. And learn how to spell. Your misspelled words make me vomit.

was that guy

was the guys sitting on the couch a grandma? or....lol nvrm..

I actually find the ending...

funny! He's just falling asleep (and starting to dream) then boom! And he's probably too tired to be fully awakened.