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Reviews for "In My Dreams"

good and bad,

As others have said, good graphics...clear colour palete well kept too, as well as nice sound going with it.

However, I dont like things without a story, meaning, plot, metaphor or at least some "point". Something isnt more artistic because its not understandable.
So I ducked a few points.

However, I appologies indeed, if there was something represented here that went over my head. (which is always quite possible).


I see you're heavily influenced by Adam Phillips. Try to develop your own style and don't just copy him. Anyways it was still decent. Work on your timing and you'll have a really good flash.

I got to say

I gottah say it was nicely done, but wow man you are way to much with the whole adam phillips rootine. I mean his work is unique its almost as if he could copyright his style =). The way you made him walk in the woods it was all just Adam Phillips number 2, it was nice and well animated but you really need to do your own style :).

With best regards, Plebbi


There are worse dreams.
In fact, I think that was a good dream, because the graphic effects were amazing.
Dreams aren't allways understood, or a lot of them can't be understood, because they're just... dreams...

My final word is: Keep up the good work.

P.S: I appreciate the sound of the clock and the silence. It let us join the enviroment of the movie.

Very well done

Very good look.

You can tell your a BrakenWood Forum user, plus I myself have seen you around on there myself. I don't mean to auction your credit off to Adam as most people will do...

It's just obvious that you have taken his teachings and recreated your own work. Its very good, and I found all the special effects to be well done. I won't question the story, it seemed as if it were one of those shorts that are left to the imagination.

Over all a 7, good job.