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Reviews for "In My Dreams"

Almost perfect... Wow

The only downside to this is that it's too short, I think...
But besides that this was fantastic. It was beautiful, dreamy and the mood was perfect. A real pleasure to watch.
Have you been inspired by the Brackenwood-series? Either way, good job on reaching the same environment and feel to the flash, as the series. Brackenwood was the first thing that came to mind, and that is a big applaud to be compared to that...

Hope to see more from you.

Very nice.

I see this going to front page. Stands out a lot with the detail. So Good Luck on that happening :D



Well, I certainly recognize the style of this animation and I do enjoy it. Now, true there's not exactly a big storyline to this but it's a cute animation to watch. I enjoyed it myself and found the last part of this amusing. As a tip, when the movie is finished loading, try and make a button to start the animation. Other than that, this is a good flash. Keep it up, I'll be looking for more works from this author. :)


Pretty good!

It looks like you put a buttload of work into this. Don't let the naysayers get ya down it was easy to understand and fun to watch. AS for the Brackenwood thing... they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Very nice

"... doesn´t even come close to a Brackenwood movie"? Well I thought this was a really good attempt to be honest. For a moment there, I thought this might be one of A. Phillips older movies. But then I saw this was made by a 'follower' and I was pretty suprised that someone could come so close to the Brackenwood movies. Or at least when it comes to drawing style. Even the animation looked very similar and I loved the light effects. So you did a really good job here if you wanted to make it look like Adam Phillips movies.

But obviously it wasn´¨t perfect. I thought that sometimes the background looked really nice but some stuff on the foreground didn´t look so good. Especially the waterflow could´ve looked a bit better sometimes. So you still gotta work on that.

Overall 9 out of 10, 5 out of 5. This was a really good try like I already said. I would encourage you to keep using this style and try to get better and better with it. Of course you don´t have to become an A. Phillips clone, you could perhaps use a completely different way of storytelling or use much different themes in your movies? But keeping the same art style would be a good idea I think. Keep up the good work and good luck with your future projects.