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Reviews for "In My Dreams"

It was alright

I didn't really get it but I'm really sick today so I guess that explains it.

AtmosGames responds:

theres nothing to get....this one actually has no meaning what so ever =)

Odd water there.

My only annoyance with this short is the weird animation in the water. You should know what I'm talking about. Just remove that and maybe make the outlines disappear as well.

Could use work

The bodies could use a little work to stop them looking so drawn and the rapid movement of the water in the foreground sometimes seems at odds with the stillness in the background. But hey, it's a dream, logic has no place there. Godd job.

was that guy

was the guys sitting on the couch a grandma? or....lol nvrm..

To the guy below me...

Dude, I think the whole point of this one is NOT to understand it. And learn how to spell. Your misspelled words make me vomit.