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Reviews for "In My Dreams"

Same Page.

I understand the message, or the story to the movie. Reading some of the past reviews had me really concentrating as to what the moral or whatever you wish to call it was. Really, It was basic. But pretty clever at the same time.

I think the problems I noticed in this weren't huge, But they stuck out like a dog wiener to me. Basically you had these amazing, Well drawn backgrounds and water and so on in the film, And your character would look like a big blob of crayons. Although, Maybe this was used to implement him more in the dream, ya know as sort of an out-of-towner to the dream itself. Because I considered this, Which would have been pretty clever, I didn't remove any points.

Also the animation and motion seemed really jumpy and not very smooth at all. For something lasting 1min, And not having countless frames, or a whole lot of sound, Its strange that its 3.2 megabytes.

But in all it was a good movie. Well drawn pictures most of the time. Good sound choice when it was used. Everything working correctly, Good storyline and ending, Not the best motion though. Overall, You did well. You really need to touch up on your motion though, I think that was the low point.

And if my drawings theory was wrong. You got lucky :)

Not bad though, Not bad at all.


the guy have telekinesis or something?

Haha, the TV blew up!

I wish I could sleep like that.

Don't worry about who thinks what. Do what youlike and screw everyone who thinks badly. Your life, your dreams, right?

To dream

"Who understands dream's?"
The one who doesn't dream at all

I like it

I think this is something that doesn't have a point that sticks out like a sore thumb but something that has to be interpreted like cirus de solis.