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Reviews for "In My Dreams"


Hey Wittyhobos. Why haven't you submitted this on Newgrounds earlier? I saw it ages ago in Brackenwood. Well, as I said then, it's awesome!

I want to see more of movies like this!

I'm glad

I'm glad you said don't ask because I was...It was nice though...


The graphics here are excptionally good, I mean, that's really the best thing about this flash. The sound quality was also, really good, very clear and such, but honestly, that doesn't make a good flash.

Where's the plot? Where's the excitment? What happend? It's really lacking those, I didn't have a clue why most of this went on. It just didn't have much in the way of plot, if any, either that or I compleatly missed it.

It was short, so that's also somthing else lacking. It started out like it was going to build up into somthing big, but I was slightly dissapointed.

Sorry to say, but this just wasn't my cup of tea.

Good artwork but it's lacking purpose.




Very good, reminded a lot of Brackenwood.

Extremely Good

This movie is extremely good in the same way the brakenwood movies are. And from me that's saying alot to pay that compliment.