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Reviews for "In My Dreams"

nice, i thought it rocked

i thought this flash had great graphics and amazing sound clarity. i get the impression that you just went with a feeling when u made this, which i like. looking at your profile your young, i think we can expect great things from you. i look forward to your next submission

Very nice job.

What can I say that hasn't already been said? This was good.


^^Good Points^^
If this movie doesn't get a daily award tomorrow, it will be a great atrocity. This movie was nothing short of excellent. First off, the graphics were amazing. You had realistic blurring effects and great drawings, that were very realistic. The coloring helped to set the mood, which was so abstract, I absolutely loved it. Neat sound effects, and a great storyline.

^^Needs Improving^^
There wasn't a play button, which caused me to miss the beginning the first time I watched it.

good and bad,

As others have said, good graphics...clear colour palete well kept too, as well as nice sound going with it.

However, I dont like things without a story, meaning, plot, metaphor or at least some "point". Something isnt more artistic because its not understandable.
So I ducked a few points.

However, I appologies indeed, if there was something represented here that went over my head. (which is always quite possible).

Very well done.

The graphics are incredible, the sound clips were well-placed and crystal clear and the animation is outstanding.

Seriously, I can smell the polish through my computer screen.

This absolutely needs to stay at Newgrounds. Well done.