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Reviews for "In My Dreams"


my dreams are wierder. Infact, they're too wierd to animate. But your dream here was cool.

dreams...can't get enough of them.


Fairly impressive

I'm always impressed by Adam Phillips style and i'm over joyed to see more then one animator with the capability to use it. I can understand why it's not meant to be understood, (lol paradox XD), The entire was based on a dream, (A pretty damn lucid dream by the looks of it), and as such it doesn't neccasarily need to make sense as most dreams don't have significent meanings in real life.
Bullshit out of the way, time to comment on the actual flash.

I really like the smoothness of the fbf however I think the animation of the guy when he's beside the lake could have been better. The BG art astounds me, I honestly couldn't draw that to save my life. Could you possibly tell what that blinking light that broke at the end was? I thought it was the TV, but i'm not sure.

Pretty Cool

I liked how you made it simple, yet interesting. Your style is alot like Adam Phillips (But you already that that). That didn't bother me though, because you still made it yours.

I loved how you focused on the Moon so much, because I really love the moon. It made it nice a pretty. The only problems I had with this is the character design and the sound. The animation of him wasnt so good (You already know that too), but what actually bothered me about it, was the design. It was a really bland character, and looked kind of doofy.

My other problem was the sound. I really didnt like the song that plays in this. It was boring and didnt fit the movie at all to me. Other than those things I enjoyed it though. Keep up the good work!

-Seth Johnson

Not Bad

The scenery was great, but i couldn't tell if the person was a girl or a dude because "it" had short hair but was wearing a pink outfit... other than the person looking a bit umm...ugly, the graphics were great. When the t.v. broke i jumped lol. Keep it up.


The graphics really surprised me. They were really great, but the reason it's not a pure 10, is that the character graphics could be a tiny bit better.
Music was good, sound effects were alright, but could have been a bit better.
Like your style alot, and can't wait for more of your works to come! Keep it up! =)

AtmosGames responds:

Thanks dude. I agree that the character graphics could be better. But hopefully I'm learning to create better characters and art...Thanks to Newgrounds and you guys. :)