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Reviews for "In My Dreams"


You see, I didn't see a point to be made in this animation. I understand that anything can happen in a dream and they don't make sense either, but.. I don't know. This confused me. The ending also, I didn't get what was flashing in the first place; I though: "Oh.. Maybe it's the TV?" But then it popped like a light bulb. Lol, I'm just rambling about.

don't mind it

xD *warning only reason it's fun to watch to me it because i'm high as fuck*


It was alright, kinda boring tho. >:D

Very nice

"... doesn´t even come close to a Brackenwood movie"? Well I thought this was a really good attempt to be honest. For a moment there, I thought this might be one of A. Phillips older movies. But then I saw this was made by a 'follower' and I was pretty suprised that someone could come so close to the Brackenwood movies. Or at least when it comes to drawing style. Even the animation looked very similar and I loved the light effects. So you did a really good job here if you wanted to make it look like Adam Phillips movies.

But obviously it wasn´¨t perfect. I thought that sometimes the background looked really nice but some stuff on the foreground didn´t look so good. Especially the waterflow could´ve looked a bit better sometimes. So you still gotta work on that.

Overall 9 out of 10, 5 out of 5. This was a really good try like I already said. I would encourage you to keep using this style and try to get better and better with it. Of course you don´t have to become an A. Phillips clone, you could perhaps use a completely different way of storytelling or use much different themes in your movies? But keeping the same art style would be a good idea I think. Keep up the good work and good luck with your future projects.


i don't really get it...

what exactly happened? did she break her tv? (assuming it was a TV)