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Reviews for "In My Dreams"

Very nice

It very much reminded me of Adam Phillips' stuff which isn't a bad thing as he and you both have a great style. It didn't seem to have much of a storyline but I guess that can be forgiven as many dreams don't. Well done and keep on animating.


my favorite part was the window.

i have dreams similar to this all the time, this was very well put together

& i love in the ending the tv makes a loud boom but you don't see what happens.

very good!


Well, I certainly recognize the style of this animation and I do enjoy it. Now, true there's not exactly a big storyline to this but it's a cute animation to watch. I enjoyed it myself and found the last part of this amusing. As a tip, when the movie is finished loading, try and make a button to start the animation. Other than that, this is a good flash. Keep it up, I'll be looking for more works from this author. :)



it did kinda make me thing. but..eh...it wasn't great. though i did really like the animation. good job. completly acceptable!


What I most liked about this was the background art! great usage of gradients! you need to improve your character's lineart though, looks kinda cheezie, still great job. That reflection part was great! now you need to make a flash with that quality with an actual interesting plot. Overal great job! keep it up!