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Reviews for "In My Dreams"

Just like Littlefoot, I love it!!!

I really love the way you drew this. Really beautiful, and very smooth. I like it. I'm gonna put this in my favs along with Littlefoot. 5/5

Your right, who DOES understand dreams?

Sorry for including 3 zeros in my markings, but this wasn't violent, funny or interactive. It was however, mysterious and beautiful in its own way; the moonlight bouncing off the shimmering lake, the quiet forest, the boy still in his pyjamas....the kinda dream I'd like to have more of. The gentle music was suited to this kind of cartoon.

Unfortunately, none of my dreams are this peaceful or enchanting. Ah well, atleast I can look at the kind of dreams I'd like to have.

Reminiscent of Adam Phillips

Quite strange, but thats the way i like flash to be.
Graphics were very good, couldn't flaw the sound.

Good work and keep it up.


the graphics were a plus but the whole concept was strange and there was no plot but if u just practice more i'm sure u can be great at it

Pretty Good!

It was strange but i liked it...Good job!