Reviews for "xKore-Time's Up(Time Extended)"


you know i think i will have to find another character in my mugen game for this song. if you have anyone in ming let me know. this is an epic song

Holy Crap!!!

This is friggin' amazing!!! I feel like I need to get somewhere in a hurry. NOW! Gonna be perfect for my running playlist!
Since your music is absolutely godly, I'd love to hear some remixes of classic Mario or other video game songs. Your touch could make them unbelievably good. (You don't have to take me up on that or anything; I'm not really anybody...Just make more awesome music!)


Im liking it


This track is great. Though, this was made more like an ambient song track that can fit in with something in the forground, where as the original had a melody that stood out to be the main focus.

But thats okay cause i like em both! good work on this way of going about it.


This is really good, I'll have to check out more of your stuff.