Reviews for "My Clay House Episode01"

Somebody can overachieve

This aint your early newgrounds knox work. This is totally original and I happy to see someone create their own madness. Although killing claymen is no new thing, you methods of madness certainly hit the spot. I also like it how much you keep your character moving.

Nice work... The only thing you can do is continually improve!

Phill64 responds:

Thank you for taking the time to review me. It's great to here positive feedback i'm glad you enjoyed the clip.

I would like to thank you further though, for giving me some constructive feedback, keeping the action moving around was a key point i was trying for and i'm glad you noticed.

I will certainly do my best to improve the series as i go along, positive remarks such as yours are good fuel for the fire, i just hope your expectations aren't too high next time around :)

"Don't Blam me to hard" you say.

99/100 times that is a sure sign that more sewage has been submitted by some half-wit. As they say there is an exception yo every rule, and here is the proof. This is a 5/5 everytime, if this can't get a five then there is no one claymation on the internet that should either. This is spectacular work and while it may be rivaled I have yet to see a better claymation. This is just great work, I don't normaly care for claymations but this is so good it is more like watchimg animation than claymation. Please keep up the terrific work and thanks for putting in all the time and effort(I am aware of the hours and hours it takes to do claymation) you have put into this it makes viewing all the crap that some of the morons submit so often worth every second. Thanks again and good luck. Also is the don't blam me part of a joke or are you really that humble.

Phill64 responds:

Firstly, thanks alot for this lengthy review :)

And no blam me wasn't actually a joke although with the reviews that have come in already it does seem like one!

I have seen how critical people can be of things when they don't quite tickle their fancy, and although i know i push the boundaries of claymation (it's my goal actually!) i can never be sure if people will notice/appreciate that fact, after all, it's about entertainment not just form. So I thought i would get a very mixed response. I guess you could also say i am a bit humble by nature and was a bit nervous of being shot down straight away, but don't get me wrong, i am proud of this being my best work ever. I was planning on changing the description after awhile, especially now because of your thoughts on it.

Thanks alot for the kind words, it makes those hours of clicking mean so much more, and gives me the motivation i need to improve on the next episodes to come!

Now we'll raise the level!

First I thought I was gonna see some stupid ripoff, but just after a few seconds from the start I couldn't control my laughing! Defanetely good start for a serie. (So keep 'em coming! ;) )

Extra plus from the violence... So thats why i don't see pool tables with regular socks nowadays...

PS: I'm finnish, so my english ain't that good.

Phill64 responds:

Thanks for taking the time to review me.

I'm glad you enjoyed the clip, yes i do definetly plan on keeping them coming, i've basically committed myself to it by branding it ep01 so i'd better get moving! but seriously though, it is hard to get motivated to do it all over again after finishing a clip, but your review helps pour fuel on the fire! Thanks a bunch!

LOL! on the pool table joke! :)

wow foo, wow

hey you did a great job... hope to see more of your work...

WoW< i'm impressed

no offense but i was thinking i was going to have to blame since it was a clayamation, but once i saw it it shock me on how funny it was. So i hope u make a part 2 or make more anmations. good luck with Everything!!