Reviews for "My Clay House Episode01"

Probably better than knox

I love knox and i feel like its blasphamy to say that but, I can't even figure out how you did half of that. The guy jumping off the car, the pool table, it all seemed so fluent! There wasn't realy much story but that doesn't have to be a downfall. It's on my fav list


I Gotta Tell,A New ClayLegend Is Born Make More And NiCE voices ;)

Awesome Claymation

This claymation is AWESOME. It is made of WIN and GOD. Well done.

Loved the sound effects, the gore, and the quirky camera views.


This is your classic example of a bad claymation.

Very nice

Nice and original, and pretty decent voices and sounds too, which is something you don't see that frequently in claymation. Keep it up!