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Reviews for "Para - Blistering Eyes"


Absolutely beautiful.

What people dont seem to generally realize, is if you listen to the tone of "chipmunk" voice, it appears to change with the melody-- although, its actually remaining the same loop. This, in turn, gives the song the feel of change as there's more contrast.

Overall though, this is one of the best house songs I've heard on here in awhile. Keep it up.

well i must say

my eyes are blistered by the quality of the production. man i cant say enough. words cant explaine it

Dragon studios


didnt u do smog step sanctuary too?


You guys are kidding right? I agree, the pitched voice was annoying, but everything was amazing. (second part especially). It was very infected mushroom guitaresque. I loved the leads (maybe the square lead could be softened a bit though), other than that, it was great!

Koriigahn responds:

Thank's for the review!


Awesome work, this sounds extremely well done. You didn't really slip up anywhere, the song was consistently awesome through out the whole thing. This song doesn't even get remotely repetitive, which is a huge contributor to its awesomeness.

I really like the side-chaining on the base. It's definitely not over the top, a mistake a lot of people tend to make. I was wondering, how are you getting that sound? There must be a vst or something for that kind of side-chaining, cause it really doesn't sound like it's from compressing the kick.

The synths that you used are awesome. Along with that, so are your transitions: they're just simply kickass, and original sounding. Also, despite what people are saying, I think the vocals at the beginning sound sweet.

Excellent job!

Koriigahn responds:


As for sidechaining, its just a kick layered with a sub with the bass eq set to maximum. Not joking at all, i just slapped a compressor on it so it doesn't clip and it sidechained everything!

Thanks for the review :)