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Reviews for "Para - Blistering Eyes"


didnt u do smog step sanctuary too?

well i must say

my eyes are blistered by the quality of the production. man i cant say enough. words cant explaine it

Dragon studios

really good!!

I really enjoyed this! good work bro! very nice...


This is incredibly great! It's really nicely over compressed, which is your style but it sounds oh so good! All the synths are really profession and so is the overall song. You're like the classic Newgrounds style man!! I can't believe you're not more popular!

This was really really good and I really liked it, as I do pretty much all of your music. I really hope you get to the top someday man.



Absolutely beautiful.

What people dont seem to generally realize, is if you listen to the tone of "chipmunk" voice, it appears to change with the melody-- although, its actually remaining the same loop. This, in turn, gives the song the feel of change as there's more contrast.

Overall though, this is one of the best house songs I've heard on here in awhile. Keep it up.