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Reviews for "Para - Blistering Eyes"


Awesome work, this sounds extremely well done. You didn't really slip up anywhere, the song was consistently awesome through out the whole thing. This song doesn't even get remotely repetitive, which is a huge contributor to its awesomeness.

I really like the side-chaining on the base. It's definitely not over the top, a mistake a lot of people tend to make. I was wondering, how are you getting that sound? There must be a vst or something for that kind of side-chaining, cause it really doesn't sound like it's from compressing the kick.

The synths that you used are awesome. Along with that, so are your transitions: they're just simply kickass, and original sounding. Also, despite what people are saying, I think the vocals at the beginning sound sweet.

Excellent job!

Koriigahn responds:


As for sidechaining, its just a kick layered with a sub with the bass eq set to maximum. Not joking at all, i just slapped a compressor on it so it doesn't clip and it sidechained everything!

Thanks for the review :)


The voice sorta remined me of Pogo. All in all a really cool piece. Great job!

Perfect, but...

The chipmunk sound was really disturbing ^^

Very lush sound

Pretty huge sound you got going on here. I really like the intro to this A LOT. Great use of the synth and the melody is super catchy. Very housey.

Contrary to what other people thought, I honestly like the voice pattern you have going on in this. It's a bit different and completely unexpected.

The beat becomes rather stagnant around 1:20 until the break. And that's just me being hyper-critical.

The pad during the break is very soothing, and very nice in contrast with the reverb effects, guitars and sweeps.

Harsh bass is AWESOME. I also love the cutting bass behind it all.

The quick funk break is almost as great as the intro.

The ending could use more of a fade out, perhaps the pad could come back in and play main melody and you could put in an ocean rising and falling in the background, as it fades out.

You did a great job layering all of your synths. I'm impressed with your work and I look forward to hearing more. It's not often you hear good house music on here. Most of it is happy-hardcore-14-year-old-girl dance music.

My ears. You pwnd them.

great stuff glad I found this. Its punchy as hell and I couldn't stop myself nodding along. Also to the guy bitchin below I'v just got 1 thing to say: YOU GOT BURNED!