Reviews for "Mario Underworld Remix"


Flawless. Is it just me, or would this suit a Paper Mario underground level? The song is too deep for normal platformers, but not detailed enough for a Mario Galaxy-esque game.

Keep it up! And what instruments did you use on FL? Just wondering.


Andertxuman139 responds:

Thank you so much, I think it's for a typical Mario 2D game, but I didn't think in a Paper Mario, it would be great.
I used the 3xOSC, Elec. Guitar, some hip-hop and techno beats and the Garritan Personal Orchestra for the Chorus.

a touch too slow, i think

it leaves a laggy sort of feeling in me. but you have nailed a modern mario underground theme. the atmosphere is very nice, makes you feel that you are walking in the actual lvl. Nintendo should put this music in their underground lvl if they do want to another game with an underground lvl! this i a good loop, though i tend to hate loops. oh well.

Andertxuman139 responds:

Thank you very much
As I have said, I'd love to see this in a videogame or something. And I'd love it more if it's in a Nintendo's Official game.
Thanks for reviewing

dude nice i like it ;D

id give u a big kiss if i saw u in rl this is so epic xD
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Andertxuman139 responds:

Thank you very much, I think...

A song worth listening to all the way through.

The feel to this song is great. At first it might seem slow but it quickly makes up for that after about 15 seconds into it hearing that mysterious Choir. And a minute into the song it just gets better!

- Atmosphere and mood is dark and mysterious
- Selected instruments and quality are great
- Strange and unique remix I could listen to on repeat for a while and not grow bored of it, yet easily and accidentally tune out only to suddenly become aware of it again and listen to it in awe once more...

I love this; thank you it made my night alot better. :D

Andertxuman139 responds:

Thank you for your review, I wanted to make some dark mysterious, kinda creepy... you know, because it's the stage in the underworld, and that's how an underworld must be, creepy dark and mysterious.

The instrument change made me a bit mad because I didn't know what to do in that part, but I think I selected the instruments and that in a very good way.

And the thing about listening a lot of times must be essential because in a game it must be sounding all the time, so if you can listen to it for a long time is that I made a good job with it.
I'm glad you liked it and I hope somebody can use it in a flash animation or game


Pretty good Underground remix. The guitars and choir are a nice touch. The water drips are a nice addition as well, as they add to the atmosphere.

I don't know if it was intentional or not, but I kinda get a bit of a dark, scary feeling from this song. It reminds me of Super Mario 64's Haunted House.

This caught me by surprise. Love the new sounds.

Great work.

Andertxuman139 responds:

Thanks, mate.
That was the atmosphere I was looking for, some scary place but without losing the Mario esence. The water drops that I used give to the song a underground effect.

The 2nd time is my greatest work from this song, and I love it.
Thanks again. n_n