Reviews for "Mario Underworld Remix"

Gotta Say, Nice Work.

This may not be the most upbeat and catchy remix on newgrounds, but it sure sticks with you. It is a great tune, and you captured it's greatness, with that backbeat and the light backing guitar. I would honestly like to hear this in a nintendo game, it would be great for a nice long underground trek based mostly upon platforming, with multiple levels to get to the bottom. It would greatly make sense for that kind of thing. You have talent, this really shows that. I want to see what all you can do with it. Make more music, I really enjoyed this, and I want to here more. It also seems to loop very well, you get some credit for that.

Andertxuman139 responds:

Thanks, mate. I'm glad you say me that I've captured it's greatnes :D. I woud also like to hear it on a game, and I thought like you, in a platform underworld level. Thank you so much, I'll do more songs, but now I started working in Flash with my friend Drawer4Everyone and I'm going to center on it, but this won't be my last song n_n.

nice tune

but it was little to slow and bored.
overall great on the variational parts
nice work

Andertxuman139 responds:

I think the tempo is ok as it is, but people can think differently :).
Thanks, I love the variation part.
Thank you for reviewing. n_n


I give you a high score because the quality is excelent.
(but I hate this song, especialy when it's not remixed)


Andertxuman139 responds:

Hahah, thanks for your score and for your review, even if you don't like the song

walking tall.

bro this song is sick?! i could imaging some dude listening to this while walking down in downtown chillen. or something like that and then group of thugs flanked that dude. then all of a sudden he would just kick there butts lol. idk imagination thought =P

Andertxuman139 responds:

XD, I couldn't never imagined stuff like that with this song. You have a good potential to make Flashes with that imagination. n_n
Thanks for reviewing


dude anyone who says that this is too slow just isn't getting what you were going for. This is so original. Super laid back feel too it, that water drop or whatever it is on every second snare was a really good idea, really creative, it completes the whole chill feel to the song. Id really like to hear other stuff like this. Love it.

Andertxuman139 responds:

Thanks, I will accept all kind of review, so if they think it's too slow is their point of view. This is ambient, not dance so I put this tempo. I think it's ok as it is.
The water drop was because I thought in a cave and start thinking... What can it be creepy? And I thought, there are waterdrops, and the wind is allways blowing to the exit. THAT'S IT. So I put them both.