Reviews for "the Kill Kar"

This game is good, and get to the end is not so hard. But final level is absolutly insane. I played that level 200 times, and it is impossible!! ):-( The worst thing is bombs, they are ment to kill you, if you touch them. BUT SOME OF THEM EXPLODE WHEN YOU ARE NEAR THEM, and because of lots of bombs 15 level is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good game but it's pretty difficult for me.

Honestly I know it's your first game but still could've been better. The controls are a sticky and the design isn't to great, I do however like the game design and graphics levels get more challenging and overall can be quite enjoyable. This is a game that i found scrolling through Newgrounds and found. I am going to be checking and rating your other games to good job on the design though and honestly quite enjoyable.
8/10 Graphics
7/10 Model Design
10/10 Level Design
6/10 Controls
8/10 overall

This game reminds me of regular show. epicode ello governer

i like this game

so awesome