Reviews for "the Kill Kar"

I agree

People who say this suck really don't know what a good First Submission looks like.
It was very good till i got to level 11 then i got bored, But still..its a good game for a first submission. I also agree the car drifts a little to much, not that much but you get my point.
The music gets a little annoying to me after a while, it would be nice if you put atleaste 3 songs
in which sound good with each other. (example: techono,techno,techno. (no rock with techno)
Graphics could use some work. Other than that, it is a very good start. good luck in the future with this game.

you asses

FIRST GAME EVER SUBMISSION its good and dont worry about the jerk offs that rated the game bad its a good game just needs more adjustments like if you could customize the car and give it weapons and make the car not drift like crazy every where :D and if your not gonna post something thats not going to help him just dont say it sucks say why it needs to be improved ._.


there a glitch because when ever i get near a car not hit it right near it away exsplodeds

needs some work

really needs better flash


The controls are a tad bit sensitive, but besides that it's a good game.