Reviews for "the Kill Kar"

not bad

the second kill car is so much funner than this really no offense to the dude who made it other than that the game is pretty good itd be cool if u could customize the car add guns on it to


I dunno, sorry for this, but the game never got my interest.
The graphics are not bad, but the concept of the game, you know...

Anyways, I can't assume it's bad, it's just my point of view.
Always look for the best.

P.S, to be honest, I didn't want to give it a 7, but that's worth trying to make the game.
So, in the end of the day....
*thumbs up*

! >.<

For a 1st game its very impressive. If i didn't look at it from that perspective it would be a bit dated. The controls were my biggest gripe. And while nothing new it's still fun witch by a long shot is much better than a unique idea and really bad execution. For my love i give this a 10/10 :)

nope- still terrible

on the 17th of July 2007 I reviewed this game and was pretty scathing. So much so apparently that my comment was deleted (no idea why to be pretty honest, i didnt swear or anything) but i thought to myself when i went into my inbox and read my old comment i may have been too harsh in my immatury when i was 15. But this is still awful. controls using the semi-colon key would be an improvement on the PAINFULLY POOR controls. This game isnt just bad, it hurts. BUT to be fair i was very mean first time round, so if this (and i hope it is) a poor first attempt, keep trying because the only way is up from a game like this.

shitty but first submission

for a first game wow i am atchualy impressed. bit sticky controls but for afirst sub this is really good.