Reviews for "BLIZZARD before CHRISTMAS"

this is pretty good

I didnt get it at first thought u were supposed to aviod the snow balls but then i figured

FlashBurgerHelper responds:

thanks :)
i didnt want ppl to get 9000+ right at the start its a simple game but takes practice to find a good stratigy to get points and still stay alive :)

Good! I'm in teh contest 2!

Hey my submission, stealth, is in the contest too! Too bad the views arent higher than 1000 yet... =( anyways if you want to see mine, just search this in the search thingy: =STEALTH=

Anyways your submission was okay, but because of my game you got bumped to 11 place... the board will be updated tomorrow... sorry...

FlashBurgerHelper responds:

this review seems more like a ad for your game then anything lol well im gonna try it out in a sec :)

11place? since the contest hasnt closed yet theres is no places even set yet, just order of people entering there submitions. unless im missing something.


I think people are cheating the score board. I could be wrong of course, but seeing as #10 has 98 billion points, and the rest are too high for the calculator to put in digits... yeah...

cool one

that was a fun game and good for the time of year. the game itself was a good time killer, though it was rather simple and not all that difficult. it was pretty good though and i enjoyed playing this one, nice work on it.

FlashBurgerHelper responds:

thanks for the review, glad u had fun wasting ur time on it