Reviews for "BLIZZARD before CHRISTMAS"

So much fun...

Simple and easy to get into, this game is great for some Newgrounds Christmas spirit! I found this game quite challenging after a bit, so I'm gonna keep playing this to get my score up. The high score list is a pretty nice touch too, keep up the good work.

FlashBurgerHelper responds:

thanks you for the review
highscores are the crack of newgrounds lol
everyone trys a little harder to get on it. hope to see ur name on the top10 list

kewl :)

here's a comment for u "comment whore"

your my new best ng buddy partner :)

FlashBurgerHelper responds:

Thanks KAT :)
shhh secret comment whore haha :P

yay im the best :)

nice little game

well made, fun to play, good working scoreboards, yet under-rated, it's the best game in the contest so far, but score puts it in last :( good luck, my game will be submitted sometime this week or this weekend hopefully :)


FlashBurgerHelper responds:

i know what you mean, my timing for sumbiting it was bad, it only had about 500 veiws before it was off the 50 most recent, but alas, this at least isnt my real game for the contest this is just a test for my scoreboard so all is fine :) i'll look out for ur game, good luck in the contest :)


Im gona give it a good mark because it seems to me that i am the only one that can not play it well i only can get 1000 b4 i die so thats bad

But i love the preloader please send it to me thanks

FlashBurgerHelper responds:

Click the christmas/holiday link to the left. the Preloader is there :)


Yay, im on the TOP!