Reviews for "BLIZZARD before CHRISTMAS"

So much fun...

Simple and easy to get into, this game is great for some Newgrounds Christmas spirit! I found this game quite challenging after a bit, so I'm gonna keep playing this to get my score up. The high score list is a pretty nice touch too, keep up the good work.

FlashBurgerHelper responds:

thanks you for the review
highscores are the crack of newgrounds lol
everyone trys a little harder to get on it. hope to see ur name on the top10 list

this is pretty good

I didnt get it at first thought u were supposed to aviod the snow balls but then i figured

FlashBurgerHelper responds:

thanks :)
i didnt want ppl to get 9000+ right at the start its a simple game but takes practice to find a good stratigy to get points and still stay alive :)

This game is the shit.

This is probably the best game that will come out thats christmas based. Yet simple, but awesome and addicting.
Kepp up the shit yo

FlashBurgerHelper responds:

lol i doubt this wil be the best for this xmas but thanks :)

Fun mini-game

I love the sleigh-ride/Mario music. Good stuff.

FlashBurgerHelper responds:

Thanks for the review :) glad u had fun playing this