Reviews for "BLIZZARD before CHRISTMAS"

Awesome game (again XD)

Very awesome game dude. Your games are very fun. Anyways it had great christmas music, easy at first to make you think this would be an easy game (not for me though since the other two were the same way. XD) and then get hard, and it was a short (but good.) storyline. Overall it's a 10/10.

FlashBurgerHelper responds:

thanks for the review!
ya i didnt want this game to last tooo long or it would get boring fast lol

I love this one!

This one pwns man!
Raggle Fraggle WAFFLE COPTER!


FlashBurgerHelper responds:

looks like uve played all my games haha
dont forget to link them to ur friends :)
thanks for the review!

Good! I'm in teh contest 2!

Hey my submission, stealth, is in the contest too! Too bad the views arent higher than 1000 yet... =( anyways if you want to see mine, just search this in the search thingy: =STEALTH=

Anyways your submission was okay, but because of my game you got bumped to 11 place... the board will be updated tomorrow... sorry...

FlashBurgerHelper responds:

this review seems more like a ad for your game then anything lol well im gonna try it out in a sec :)

11place? since the contest hasnt closed yet theres is no places even set yet, just order of people entering there submitions. unless im missing something.

nice little game

well made, fun to play, good working scoreboards, yet under-rated, it's the best game in the contest so far, but score puts it in last :( good luck, my game will be submitted sometime this week or this weekend hopefully :)


FlashBurgerHelper responds:

i know what you mean, my timing for sumbiting it was bad, it only had about 500 veiws before it was off the 50 most recent, but alas, this at least isnt my real game for the contest this is just a test for my scoreboard so all is fine :) i'll look out for ur game, good luck in the contest :)

cool one

that was a fun game and good for the time of year. the game itself was a good time killer, though it was rather simple and not all that difficult. it was pretty good though and i enjoyed playing this one, nice work on it.

FlashBurgerHelper responds:

thanks for the review, glad u had fun wasting ur time on it