Reviews for "Sonic R - Resort Island"

Yeah, i remember this song well.

One of my favorite games of all time when it comes to the sonic games. The game being short was the only disappointment, but other than that I enjoyed it.

Back on topic, this song isn't EXACTLY like the original, and on top of that you cut it off short. But I like the way you made your approach on this song.


I remember whistling these tunes when i was a kid cus I loved em. Your remixes do justice to the originals without the weird vocals. But, hey! I still play that game!

nice song....

but i kinda disagree, i loved this game.

DAMN your good!!

After listening to your stuff from Sonic, to Megaman, Mario, and Legend of Zelda, Id say to myself, "WTF?? This guys incredible! He makes the audio sound just like the origional but better!" You definently are one of my NEW favorite audio authors now. Even if they are last years too I just love these audios you made. Id say your awsome as well. I hope you make more Sonic R music. That game may have been bad but the music was just too good to waste on such a lowly game. You get my respect!!

ZombiePosessor responds:

Fuck, nice review. I'm working on a few more from Sonic R.

ok, ppl

this may sound like it was stolen from vgmusic.com, but that version has less of an echo than this