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Reviews for "Fingerprints of the Gods{durn}"

pretty good.

your awesome n stuff.

durn responds:

thanks ipoop n stuff.


The slower approach was a good idea, but I don't feel that this song worked out well for you.

While as per usual, it was reletively good song, but it was quite repetative and slightly boring at times. Perhaps you could try another still with a slower beat, but make it have more energy? Either that or try something with a lot of dissonant chords. That could make it very interesting.

On the bright side, the melody itself was cool to listen to, until it was repeated over and over again. The slow buildup at the beginning was nice, and the final major buildup was just as good.

So altogether, a nice song, but not your best.

By the way, you'll have to eat your words once more, CBC announced that the heat spell is over and it's going to get cold fast.

durn responds:

Eh? There were dissonant chords going on during the whole song. lol. :) Maybe you like a little more dissonance than I do. I only use it for flairs and emphasis, the dissonance can be quite clearly heard during the build to the transition at 2:02.

The central melody was supposed to be simple, the whole bridge was more about rhythm than melody. I only brought harmonic melodies in during the last 8 bars of each 32 bar measure to not have it be completely boring.

I ain't eating nothing. I'm up north for the week and it's scorching up here. :D Thanks for the scathing review, ghost!

It's pretty good

I gotta say it's pretty good worth the download, good beat
and a worthy title to go with it. Very good and good instruments used.
Maybe make a flash with this song and your other collection.And thankyou for putting this song in my head. If no likes this review,then fuck off to your crap world!

durn responds:

lol, I love all reviews, Hex. Even the low-scoring ones! :D If you wanna see some video along with my tracks check out XmillsaZ's channel on YouTube, he's done up a few of my tunes with video. :) Get Ready to Dance and Our World's videos are exceptionally hilarious. :D

Thanks for the download, man. :)

You did again :)

excellent music! very really well made and keep it up! :P

durn responds:

Thank you, kind sir. :)


Fiingerprints of the Gods... Yes... It's a great title, I daresay.

"There is only one true god, the almighty Octopus!" ~ Durn
I think you meant Flying Spaghetti Monster, right? ;)

The song...
... What can I say? You always make such a great pieces that I'm already bored of sayin' "OMGWTFBBQ WHAT A ULTRAUBERAWSUM WORK". So, i'll just say that the part that comes in at 3:50 kicks ass!

I really enjoyed listening to it and I will keep doing it for some more time ;)

Keep up the great work, mate. Cheers!

durn responds:

Haha, thanks Rychlas. I had a lotta fun working that transition at 3:50. Wanted it to have a sorta movie-track quality and I think it came off well. :) Thanks for the love, dude!