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Reviews for "Fingerprints of the Gods{durn}"

Such an easy listen

I love lengthy tracks also, keep 'em long and keep 'em coming ;)

durn responds:

Haha, right on. Dunno if my next track'll be this long. It's even slower BPM but more of a pop layout than this beast. Will be just as summer-themed and enjoyable though! :D


Everytime i hear from you i know something good comes from it! You just are good at what you do and i like every min of it. You are on a level by yourself and you dont need me to tell to keep doing what you do!

durn responds:

Hehe, aw shucks. :d Thanks link.

Its another world aaaaltogether (BIG review lol)

Ohh man, this. is. Impressive man well done, and sorry for getting back to you a bit late. I like the opening synth, and how you carry that through the whole piece and the way you bring it up and take it down subtly, that is a nice touch. In addition how you use different synths to that same effect. Adding to that they way you use one of the synths to usher in the change is great, subtly done. Also the background sfx are really cool the way they add to they add to the depth of the piece and give it that third dimension is fantastic. The beat is great too, its simple but highly effective, the combination of percussion and bass is mean. The mood change is great too, you start off with something light and bring in something heavy; I like that. That part alone changes the entire feel of the song initially, and then its slowly mixed out, giving the piece even greater depth both musically and in the sense of story(?). The synths and keys as a whole are great they bring the whole piece together very well. The organ in the background is very smooth and barely noticable at times, as well as the sound effects; well mixed.
Lastly the end is pretty cool, its really simple... but that adds to it. Also they song itself embodies the title very well.
SKILLS, and now for another listen...
Thanks for posting it and letting me listen btw.

durn responds:

:) Dude, nicest review I've read in a while. :) You really picked up what I was puttin' down with this track here! :D

I was definitely going for a story/journey with this song. Kinda a mix of a space travel and quest for the desert's oasis or something. Heheh, I dunno. Really wanted to take the listener somewhere far out with this one. :)

I decided I'd try carrying the same FX throughout the track, using a simple composition technique alternating between two octaves, it seemed to really float through well, glad to know it helped give life to the track. :)

Keep on listenin' and I'll keep on makin' more! :D Thanks for the review, ZixaxiZ!

oh you with your awsome songs ;D

its pure epicness i cant find a otehr word then epic for this song ;D
btw thx for teh pm when i read it and it sed that u made a new song my head almost exploded of the joy

durn responds:

haha, high praise indeed. :) thanks wilson.

Feeling cooler already

I have no thing to say because that take away from this piece of cool epicness. I love 90% of your music because your very talented unlike me, xD

Yeah, I defy common logic.

durn responds:

Well, with two silent Zs in your name, you kinda have to defy common logic! ;) Thanks for the review, man. :)