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Reviews for "Fingerprints of the Gods{durn}"


it makes me feel funny :p. keep up the good work!

durn responds:

Oh shit, xilia! You just i-dosed!!!! ;)

Oh really good!

What i was not that into was the seperated parts of the beginning and the end.
But that is just a personal opinion.
I like the introduction of the really good baseline at 2:03
It grows and gets more complex i really dig that!
But then the ending comes and it takes me back to the beginning leaving almost all that has been introduced in the middle behind.
Personally i would have loved to hear a melting of the two styles at the end and that it would have come to a counclusion in fushion.
But that is just my personal approach. So i can not deuct any points of the rating because it is damn good!

5/5 10/10
Flawless Personal vision of yours!

durn responds:

Yea, I was considering trying to fuse the two styles but had enough trouble transitioning from one to the other so figured they weren't entirely complimentary. Definitely something to keep in mind for expansion though. Can make -anything- work if you try hard enough. :D

Ok i just have to say one thing.....

This music is pure amazing.. But, for some reason... It reminds me of the old Starcraft game.. xP The Terran Campaign comes to mind.. lol

durn responds:

I could prolly show you a hotdog and you'd be all "Man, this totally reminds me of this one campaign in Starcraft!"

;) :D hahaha, sorry, had to say it. :D Thanks for the kind review, dude!

So chill!

This song for sure made me happy !

durn responds:

Haha, swell. :D It takes me on a journey to faraway times & places, myself. :d

beautifully done

Simply amazing nice transitions between beat changes, and I love the pitch of the main synth. Mah favorite part of the song is when you fade out and bring the synth back in towards the end. Truly great work, keep it up. 10/10 5/5

durn responds:

Thanks dude. :) I put a lot of effort into the transitions between parts in this tune since they were so different from one another in timbre. Glad to know it paid off. :D