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Reviews for "Fingerprints of the Gods{durn}"


maybe a immense solo. I know you can.


durn responds:

An immense solo? Dude, you're gonna love my new one. ;) Ends with an epic jam. I just need to figure out the lyrics to the beast. 90s soulful dancefloor house, here we come!

This is good

I kinda like it. The Slowness isnt something im into but its alright. But i like some othr ones u made better

durn responds:

Bah, can't be all speedy all the time! Gotta take the time to relax once in a while. :) Thanks for your honest opinion, though! :D


it can be a song for a game lol

durn responds:

damn straight! that's why it's in the VG genre. ;) I got it right for once! w00t! :D


Been a while since i come to NGA portal.
Now to the track if you remember me from your Ready to Dance i have to say this one was not as catchy as the Ready to Dance but since you want to slow down a bit it ok too but i would listen to Ready to Dance than this one. This one just a little low on my taste ~Hope you dont mind


durn responds:

Haha, no worries. :) Everyone's got their own personal tastes. Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts!

Brilliant as ever

I really enjoy your music, and this is no exception. This is really relaxing, definitely has your desired effect of beating the heat!
- accies

durn responds:

Chillin'! No need for AC when I've got fans like you guys! ;) Thanks for the review, accies. :)