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Reviews for "Fingerprints of the Gods{durn}"


awesome as always durn! sorry i didnt right as much as usual limited time on comp o-e

durn responds:

Haha, it's ok. Thanks for the limited remarks you were able to drop! ;)

Very well done.

This i feel is a very emotional piece. It sends a sort of mixed mood out that inspires a reaction from the listener. Its fare to say I rather enjoyed this.

durn responds:

Well it's fair to say that I appreciate the warm remarks, potatoman! :) Thanks for the review, dude!


Hey Durn, it's me, DragonerPhoenix, from Youtube. I LOVE this song! Sure, I see a lot of comments like "fast songs are your forte", but I beg to differ! This song is really well made! Screw technical, I'm not getting into that, too little to criticize. I love the transition into the middle part. The middle part is so catchy, and sounds a bit... Egyptian? Pretty nice stuff. Really glad you decided to make this piece. It's a great change from your norm.

durn responds:

w00t! :D Youtuber ahoy!

Aye, the center was definitely desert/egypt inspired. Had been jamming with some friends the week before and we started playing around with those notes. Was in good time too, had to make 2 egypt-themed loops the next week so it was a good influence. :D

Thanks for taking the time to review, man. My new song's a slower one as well though back to my old soulful house styles. :) Should be done it pretty soon!

It's Okay, But I Prefer Your Other Songs.

If I had to compare this song with "Give or Take" or "Summer Solace", I wouldn't listen to this song. I'm not saying that this song isn't good, I'm saying that fast songs seem more like your forte. I enjoy listening to your fast paced songs, but even the slower paced "Give or Take" is better than this. I hope you will make a nice, epic fast paced song that is similar to "Good Morning", "Summer Solace", AND "Give or Take". If you create something like that, then you are epic...REALLY epic.

Still 10/10
AND still 5/5


durn responds:

Can't live life in the fast lane all the time.
Slow it down, take a breath and bust a rhyme.

We'll see what the future holds, I'm sure once winter hits I'll feel like warmin' up to some faster tunes. :D


I've read Fingerprints of the Gods, it gets you thinking huh? Nice song, it was well put together. However, there wasn't much of anything that really caught my eye and made surprised me. Really catchy though..

durn responds:

Ya, it was a good read. I've always felt that civilization is older than our records. His other book Underworld is just as interesting, it expands more on his take on pre-history. Thanks for the honest remarks, Cz. :)