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Reviews for "Fingerprints of the Gods{durn}"

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I agree with duckhits that the intro made into a loop would be nice. I could see it for flash game menus. But I think the rest sounds really awesome too. The Bass at 2min in is nice. I like reading what the inspiration was for the music, thanks for writing that, I wish more artists would do that (me included). Personally I visualize the Egyptian pyramids when I hear this.

I'm really glad you sprinkled a bunch of chill breakdowns in the track. If you know what I mean.

durn responds:

Darn right the rest sounds awesome! ;) Hehehe, aye, I'm a loop maniac, it's amazing what you can do with 8 bars. Glad the inspiration was actually read for once! :D It's amazing how often people ask about stuff that's written right there in the comments. ;)

Thanks for the nice review, Rowland. Glad the breakdowns kept ya chilled. :)

excellent everything!

the melody that comes in has cool variations and a great rhythm. the drum is has great panning and sounds really nice. the background effects give a really dynamic feel, and its got an interesting deserty feel. the instruments are well picked.
I love the progression also and transfer between the different sections.
An exceptional song in my eyes.

durn responds:

:O You can see music!?!? That's cooooool! :D hehehe, it's nice to read that you heard all the subtleties I threw in. Thanks for the warm review, Philzart. :)

I like the transfer.

The beginning I would like to see in a loop with some bass and more of a hip hop vibe.
Crazy in the middle.
keep on keeping on.

durn responds:

you must be listening to this on laptop speakers. trust me, there's plenty of bass once the 16th bar hits (0:30 mark). :)

I'll certainly keep on keepin' on. ;)