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Reviews for "Fingerprints of the Gods{durn}"

Swoot! B-)

Go, durn, go! \(^_^)/

durn responds:

Swoot! I love it! It's like w00t but Super! ;) lol, thanks for the love, doom.


You always impress me, great beat and love that mysterious video game sound to it. Good job!

durn responds:

:) Thanks Core. I'd been playing around with the same scales for so long I felt it was time to experiment with a different emotional soundscape. :) Glad to hear the mysterious sounds of the desert struck a chord with you.


I rarely find a submission on ng so...I can't think of a word better then perfect.


durn responds:

High praise, dude. :) Makes me all warm and tingly inside! :D


this is nice ^_^

durn responds:

Thanks darkwars. :)


i feel like something either missing or too much is here... im not sure which but for long stretches of time its not.... idk i just didn't enjoy this one as much as some of your others... somethings off i cant even place my finger on what it is, i'm not a music person and i rate what you create based on the merit of me liking it or not. this one was less enjoyed by me sadly. Keep it up anyhow bro i love your stuff this ones just not doing it for me as hard as the rest...
-Still a fan Evintine :D

durn responds:

;) Haha, thanks for the honesty, man. :) Can't win em all, eh? I was going for more of a journey vibe this time around so it probably won't do it for everybody. :)